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IBF Plates & Chemicals

Today With a tradition of 44 years, IBF is the market leader in Brazil for offset plates and graphic arts films and has a relevant share in related products such as chemicals, papers, and prepress equipment. Besides covering the whole of Brazil, IBF products are sold in over 70 countries. Products such as single and double-sided negative and positive offset plates are best sellers in Latin America.

IBF’s installations include the plant and headquarters located in Rio de Janeiro and 18 branches and offices throughout Brazil. Our plate manufacturing facility undergoes constant upgrading and is equipped with the most advanced technology available. IBF is ranked among the four largest world plate manufacturers.

A solid company with over 900 employees, IBF has a technical sales force of over one hundred people and an extensive network of dealers and resellers in Brazil and abroad, including the Americas, Europe, Middle East, parts of the Far East and Australia.

IBF is a technology-oriented company

Product range

Presensitized positive and negative aluminium plates for sheet-fed and web offset presses

  • Thermal plates for Computer -To – Plate systems
  • Double-sided positive and negative offset plates
  • Lithographic films
  • Special films for Image setters
  • Photographic papers, chemical and other related products
  • Plate and film processors
  • Prepress systems ( Scanners, Image setters, Software, Rips )
  • Digital proofing systems o Computer -To – Plate systems
  • Digital printing systems ( Xeikon )
  • Films for medical use ( X Ray, Mammography, CT, Duplicating )

IBF has several partnership agreements with some of the top world manufacturers of sensitive materials and equipment, which allows us to compete with the highest international standards of quality on a worldwide scale.